At The Potting Shed we build beautifully constructed custom made window boxes to fit your home perfectly. Window box gardening is easily accessible to beginner or expert alike and puts a pretty face on any house. Window boxes can also flourish on balconies, stairways, decks or porch railings, even on the ground.

Each window box is handcrafted and we use only the best materials and construction techniques. Our high quality window boxes are available to the select gardener who is willing to pay a little extra for a product that will look like it is made for YOUR home… which it is! Our quality cedar window boxes will be designed to add to the beauty of your home. We will help you determine how to install you flower box or window box, which will be based on your home’s construction and where it is to be installed.

We are a small, home-based business and take great pride in our products.

We have been in business since 1997 and have made hundreds of window boxes during that time.


A backyard vineyard that makes wine – yours

A Web startup serves that fundamental need of all successful executives: making their very own high-end wines.

FORTUNE Magazine

By Jeffrey M. O’Brien, Fortune senior editor

(Fortune Magazine) — One weekend morning in 2002, Michael Brill had the sort of epiphany that commonly befalls successful businesspeople – particularly tech businesspeople who live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fed up with an unfulfilling career in software marketing, Brill wanted to wake up, look out over a vineyard and spend his days handcrafting wine.

Unlike many of those who have had the daydream before him, however, he didn’t have the, oh, $15 million to plant a stake in Napa or Sonoma. So he got creative. “I dug up my backyard,” Brill says, referring to his 625-square-foot plot in San Francisco’s sunny Potrero Hill neighborhood. “There was an avocado tree, a lemon tree. I just razed the whole thing and planted pinot noir and a couple of syrah vines.”

Michael Brill tastes wine from a barrel at the cellar at Crushpads headquarters with customer Ryan Perry.
Customer Peter Kitchak of Minneapolis checks his grapes in one-ton bins during the fermentation process at Crushpad headquarters.
Michael Brill, CEO of Crushpad, photographed in his backyard in San Francisco, CA.

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Over the next year he buried himself in winemaking books, replaced the junk in his garage with a few stainless-steel tanks and a couple of fermenters, and began meeting farmers and procuring grapes.

Wine splurges and steals

He still had the day job, but by night and on weekends he was living his dream. And suddenly he had a lot more friends. “Random people walking down the street would drop in and say, ‘What are you doing?’ I’d give them some pizza and beer, and they’d help me for 12 hours,” the 41-year-old Brill recalls. “We made some nice wine. And then I knew I wanted to do this in a bigger way.” Thus Crushpad was born.

Headquartered in a 17,000-square-foot warehouse on a gritty edge of the Mission District, Crushpad is a custom winemaking facility that taps into that universal human urge to give it all up for a life among the vines – without the giving-it-all-up part.

At a fraction of the cost and effort of buying land or ripping up the backyard, customers work elbow-deep in grapes and, with the help of a team of professional winemakers, custom-craft their own vintages. Some buy in to get a quality wine at a fraction of the retail cost. Others consider the experience an apprenticeship, an on-ramp to a career change. Many just want a bottle with their name on it to give to clients and family.

Whatever their motivation, Crushpad’s 1,500 customers are now following Brill’s charge toward Wine 2.0, which shares all the buzzy characteristics of “Web 2.0” – social networks, user collaboration, wikis and so forth.

The difference, of course, is that whereas Web 2.0-ers drink the proverbial Kool-Aid, Crushpad customers get to enjoy an actual adult beverage.

Custom Made Wristbands

Now this is a great idea – why didn’t I think of it !!!

Custom made wristbandsMaximize your promotional punch with custom made wristbands from Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC). You’ll get maximum exposure when your organization’s logo or slogan is worn on the wrists of all your guests like a mini billboard. Often teens and kids continue wearing the custom made wristbands for weeks after the event for bragging rights to their friends. Talk about excellent word of mouth marketing!

Custom Made Wristbands Help Prevent Counterfeits
Preventing counterfeits is another major advantage of ordering custom made wristbands. From serial numbering to special foil printing, PDC offers businesses several ways to design custom made wristbands that will help increase security of your paid admissions. Printing event dates on the wristbands and using rotating colors is another security measure.

Generate Revenue with Custom Made Wristbands
Custom printing on your wristbands can also help generate revenue for your business. Many sponsors will help pay for your wristband program (sponsorship) if you make arrangements with them to print their logos on your custom made wristbands. You can also print special offers on the bands as part of a sales promotion to increase sales. An example is “Stop by the Burger Barn and get 10% off all purchases with this wristband.”

PDC is the Ultimate Source for Custom Made Wristbands
PDC has the widest variety of custom made wristbands for your event or venue. Every PDC wristband can be custom made by printing your choice of logo or message. Some examples of printing options for custom made wristbands include, text or logo artwork, serial numbering, down the strap printing, back side printing, multiple colored imprints, and foil imprints. When you contact PDC, our courteous, experienced Customer Care representatives will help you select the custom options that best meet your unique needs.

You can order simple custom made wristbands on our website. The custom printing offered on our site is very basic to keep it simple for online ordering. Please contact us directly so we can create custom wristbands specially designed for your business. Call 800.255.1865 or 818.897.1111 or e-mail us at javascript:contact(“vipband”,”pdcorp”)

Custom Made Wristbands That Work Like Redemption Tickets
If you’re looking for a custom made wristband style that can be used like a redemption ticket, PDC offers Wrist-Rider® multi-tab wristbands. The wristbands feature from 3-10 pull-off tabs that can be custom printed with different monetary values for redemption. The tabs can also be printed with the items for which they can be redeemed such as, hamburger, fries, drink, beer, etc.

Want to have an unusual party, show, performance etc. Then you can get all your props from the prop house. You can get almost anything you can think of. To name a few props: spilled nail polish, cigarette burns, skeletons, ladders, coffins, figurines, art, kitchen materials, weapons and the list goes on.

The Prop House is a full service Prop Rental facility serving San Francisco, The Bay Area and Northern California.

In conjunction with The Prop Co-Op, the Prop House displays over 15,000 square feet of Prop Rentals, Props, Furnishings, Set dressing, Scenery, Signage, Street, Office Dressing located in the San Francisco and the Bay Area.

The Prop House carries Prop Rentals, Special Effects including Smoke, Wind, Water and more. We can fabricate as well as operate FX equipment.

We also carry production supplies including Pop-Up TentsTables, Chairs, Heaters, Push Brooms, Moving Dollies, Furni-Pads, Truck Shelves and more.

Our Mobile Workshop & Prop Truck provides all the necessary Art Department tools & Supplies for your production.

The Art Dept. provides Prop Rentals, Art Direction, Prop Mastering, Set Design & Construction, Prop & Rig Fabrication and more !

This company manufactures custom made tattoos for individuals and companies. Its a good way to advertise to get your logo noticed.

Tattoo Manufacturing Inc. offers the best quality temporary tattoos available anywhere in the world. The custom and stock temporary tattoos printed by us are incredibly realistic and long lasting. All of our temporary tattoos are completely safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The most comprehensive independent lab testing in the industry is conducted on all of our inks including eye irritation, skin irritation, oral toxicity, heavy metals, flammability, small parts and use & abuse tests. All inks used are FDA certified and comply with C.P.S.C. and ASTM requirements.

Innovative Marketing Products

With more than 100 employees, Tattoo Manufacturing Inc. creates and markets new and exciting proprietary items. In addition to temporary tattoos, we also manufacture many promotional items including pocket planner calendars, scratch off cards, temporary tattoo hang tags, watercolor paint sheets and a line of custom children’s books called Tattootles™ which come with temporary tattoos of the book’s characters.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Tattoo Manufacturing Inc. uses a brand-new, six-color, plus coater, 40-inch, Man Roland press. This cutting edge German press allows us to complete jobs with extreme precision, exceptional quality, and speed.

TMI designs and manufactures temporary tattoo body art for retail, wholesale.
Shop online and search our huge tattoo gallery. We ship tattoos worldwide!

We all have someone living in another state or country who can’t make it to our special day ceremony. Now they can share your happy moments through the internet.

We make stunning videos of special events and live webcast them over the internet. For details, please visit our website.

This is a not so unique idea. However catering to the immigrant community makes it unique and creates a large customer


Creative Vision prides itself in offering this unique web broadcasting service to its clients.

This service enables your friends and relatives in other cities, states or countries to see your big day celebrations live on the internet.

In order for you to enjoy this service, we make special onsite arrangements before the commencement of event.

WEDDINGS & EVENTS Creative Vision can change your wedding or any other ceremony into a precious treasure. We use special effects and editing techniques to make your special day look exquisitely charming and memorable.

Creative Vision proudly offers the service of LIVE webcasting to connect people across the continents in the moments of happiness. We broadcast ceremonies LIVE on the internet so that families and friends can share these moments while sitting thousands of miles away.


Bootkidz has taken a unique twist on the child mannequin. They have designed and supply a wire frame child mannequin.

According to Bootkidz the  cartoon shape makes a shop window look fun, trendy, and lively. Use it as a mannequin to display accessories and clothes or just to attract the attention of passers-by. If you’re interested: see how the Boot Kidz made a leading London kid’s fashion retailer’s window look fun and lively:

The Boot Kidz are a unique collection of clothes stands/coat stands/child mannequins. For your kids, yourself, or if you own a business – for clothes shops, toy-stores, and boutiques. The cutest clothes stand in town. Each Boot Kid is a colourful 2D “electo-painted” steel-frame cartoon character standing in concrete Wellington boots. It is indeed very unique and stands out.

Child Mannequin Clothes Stand

Own a shop? Use a cute child mannequin for your window displays or as a clothes stand in the hallway of salon, retail outlet, designer boutique, or toy store.